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Providing the latest trends in Bags, Briefcases and Accessories - all Hand Crafted and affordably priced


Serguio Rogetti leather breifcases and leather bags are made using Traditional methods and designed not only to last for years to come but to also improve with age 


We are based in the UK and export to over 150 Countries



The Company

Whether you are looking for a leather satchel or breifcase as a gift or just for yourself we are sure to stock something suitable, all sent express delivery from the UK and at a price that will prove to be excellent value

Our leather bags and briefcases make great gifts and with their Elegant and Classic design they are sure to have broad appeal both to Men and Women. Perfect for Business and Pleasure all are well thought out inside to make best use of the space with a thought for the intended user

Hand Made Quality Leather Goods


Excellent stitching with beautiful vibrant colours, arrived next day well packaged and makes a great gift ( ordering now for by boyfriend ) ”

— Anon, Miss